Specialty brands for Canada and the U.S.

Chesini: Handmade in Verona, Italy, since 1925. Chesini blends traditional craftsmanship with a modern sensibility to create steel-framed bicycles for race and leisure.

Montague: Full-sized, folding bikes. Using a DirectConnect folding system, Montague builds full-sized road & mountain bikes that fold in under 30 seconds, without the use of tools. 

EVO: The joy of cycling delivered with an eye for value and durability.

BBC Custom: See some of our customized pieces.
Bike Luggage: Travelling? Take your loved one with you.  We have carrying cases to suit your differing needs.

DaniBike Jewelry: Handmade and cycling inspired jewelry.

Pella Sportswear: Custom made in Italy with high-tech material by an eco-friendly company.

Triple 8 Helmets: Triple 8 comes from a tradition of making helmets for people who actually do roll around quite a bit - skateboarders. These days, they make them for a whole lot of other sports too.

Walz Caps: For us, a cycling cap embodies the spirit of cycling. These caps are handmade in the U.S. by Walz Caps of Oceanside, California. Sturdy, comfortable, and functional. Simple, really.

RockiNoggins: Helmet covers for your existing helmets. Is your helmet old?  Is it scuffed up? Maybe not stylish enough? Not anymore!  This Seattle company wants to increase helmet usage by adding fun, fashion and purpose to wearing them.
Campagnolo: In 2016, we are happy to be carrying Campagnolo. High-performance groups sets for epic rides!  More on this later.

Velo Orange: The marriage of form and function. Shiny, high-quality parts for your bike!